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Iā€™m not the most dedicated blogger on the interwebs but I want to be better. Recently I have acquired a new set of skills(including sets :-D) that I’d like to share. So hoping that listing them here will make me actually write the blog posts, I’ll list the upcoming topics which I will blog about.

Knowing me, I might end up not writing about them because I’m a lazy bugger, but I will try to write. So with no further ado since I’ve had too much ado, here is the list of topics you should expect me to blog about in August 2019.

Upcoming Topics

  • Cleaning code: Here I talk about what I’ve learned about clean code because apparently, it’s important.
  • PyCon Africa: I attended the first-ever Pycon Africa, I have tonnes of photos, tonnes of regrets, and tonnes of fun I’d like to share with y’all.
  • Don’t hang out with Great Programmers: those guys will ruin your self-esteem(While making you better).
  • Getting Over imposter syndrome part 1: Because I actually haven’t gotten over it, šŸ˜€
  • Professional Programmers: Another book I read
  • No Man’s Sky Beyond: Oh hell nah, I’m so excited about this I just have to share. šŸ˜€
  • I’m now an iSheep, sister, eat your heart out! How a die-hard Android(READ: Freedom) fan turned to the dark side and joined the Cult of Jobs.

These are just the topics I’ve (in my drunken state) have committed to writing about. So feel free to hold me accountable for these, and only these. I have other topics I’d like to touch but I’d rather be safe(another topic), so I’ll save those for next month.

My new life is interesting, I’m learning all sorts of new things that I want to share with anyone who actually reads my drivel, so stay tuned, enable notifications and follow me on twitter @phoexer. <— follow!!!!



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Michael 'phoexer' Musangeya is a Python Software Engineer who has a creepy fascination with photography, video games, and books.

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