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Here have an apple

An apple and some random thoughts

Back at it. Today is an Apple. You know, I’m just waiting for that day when my artwork is amazing.

Like there was a time when I started development work where I was just out of my element. As in everything seemed difficult and I did not have any idea how to get anything done. I would look at what other people are doing and think damn, I’m glad that ain’t me, cuz I can’t do that.

Then little by little I got better. Fast forward to today, I’m sitting in meetings thinking “this stuff is easy” and “people are too easily impressed”.

Juniors coming up to me saying, gosh I have no idea where to start on this huge problem and there I am thinking “Seriously?”

I feel like I did back then, about drawing. Oh well, I know I will get better if I keep at it, but it’s the keeping at it that is hard.



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Michael 'phoexer' Musangeya is a certified SAP ABAP Developer who has a creepy fascination with photography, video games and books.

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