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Day 6, Ready to draw

So it looks like I skipped two days there but I really didn’t. I flew to Dubai on Monday, arrive Tuesday morning and had to rush to work. I drew two pictures, one at the airport waiting for my plane… of a plane, and one on Tuesday, a character. The plane is unfinished and looks WAY more horrible than anything I’ve seen before and the character is trippy. Either way I am not posting those two until I get some time to properly sit down and look at them because, hypocrite.

For Today I did another character, this one is a girl about to draw, hence the title. I’ve learnt that I’m better at observation drawings and suck at original characters. So I think I might start focusing on characters for the next few weeks till I get to a point I’m happier.



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Michael 'phoexer' Musangeya is a certified SAP ABAP Developer who has a creepy fascination with photography, video games and books.

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