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Day 023

So, today I was rude to a person. It felt great. I honestly don’t know what this dude’s problem is, but I there I’m trying to get a workout and he comes tapping me on the shoulder trying to have a convo. After 2 minutes of his non-stop chatter, I interrupt him mid-sentence and I’m like “Dude I have to workout, we can talk another time.”

I go back to my routine, he taps my should again, and he starts his stupid chatter, after a minute I again interrupt and tell him I’m trying to workout.

After 10 minutes he taps my shoulder again, this time I don’t even let him start, I’m like “Hey dumbass, if you tap my shoulder or interrupt me during a workout one more time, I’m going to lay your ass out with these dumbbells. Now fuck off.”

The gym went quiet and everyone is now looking at us, he backs off and doesn’t bother me again. I had a nice workout after that.

My biggest problem with this dude is he interrupts mid-set, like, I’m pumping and counting that is when he feels the need to interrupt. Even worse his chatter does not have anything to do with what is currently happening, i.e. working out.

He’ll be like “So today I was in the office and this chick was commenting on how good I look, and I told her I workout, and I told her to feel my chest, she was impressed and I think  I’m going to take her out to…”


I’m here to workout, so are you. So workout mother fucker, workout! If what your ass is saying ain’t got nothing to do with my form, or you ain’t asking me for help with your form, if it’s not in any way, shape or form related to the task at hand, then FUCK OFF!

First Second Third
Exercise Reps Weights Reps Weights Reps Weights
1  Goblet Squats  9 16 7 16 7 16
2  Upright Rows  8 7  8  7  8  7
3  Triceps  8 8  8
4  Chest Press  8  40  8 40  8  40
5 Arnies  8  8  8  8  8  8
6  DB Curls  8  10  8  10  10  10
7  Pulldowns  8  40  8  40  8  40
8 Reverse Flyes  8 8 8 8  8  8
9 Shrugs  8 12  8  12  8  12
10  Lateral Raises  8  6  8  6  8  6



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