Today I’m vexed with Econet Wireless. For years now, Econet has been hell bent on spamming subscribers but now they have decided to engage in the fine art of trolling.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these gems I’ve gotten over the years.

Spam message with no value.


You are getting kinda desperate to give me free Facebook ain't ya?
You are getting kinda desperate to give me free Facebook ain’t ya?

The above are annoying but are still only just harmless spam. If you ignore them nothing come from them. The one below is something else altogether:

Sweet Mother of Trolls!!
Sweet Mother of Trolls!!

After the first hundred or so I started having my Android filter incoming SMSs, this reduced the number of silly messaged but also meant i missed the following:

Hmm, So I have to say YES? So If I ignore you I will NOT be forced in?
Hmm, So I have to say YES? So If I ignore you I will NOT be forced in?

I’m sure you thinking by just ignoring the message you will not be registered right?

Nope. You will be registered whether you want to or not.

Hmm, so whats the point of the whole “reply YES” thing if you are just going to register me anyway? So far its just annoying but It gets worse:

WTF!!? You want to charge me?
WTF!!? You want to charge me?

Seriously!!? You want to charge me for a service I didn’t opt into in the first place? Remember, these EcoSure messages are arriving as spam, hence I never saw them, I never responded to them so ideally I shouldn’t even be registered but today I got these.

You actually tried to rob me?
You actually tried to rob me?

WTF!!? They are trying to take my money, like literally trying to take my money! If there was cash in that account it would been gone.

I’m sorry Econet but having 1 million unwilling subscribers does not mean you have a good product, well lets be fair you do have a good product, EcoCash. If anything this little stunt actually hurts your good product. Now I’m no longer sure I want to use EcoCash, I mean, what happens if I put my money in and you decide to steal it?

I am not an EcoSure user, I don’t want it and sadly it seems like I cant unsubscribe. You can stop auto billing however, but I’m sure the geniuses behind this will find another way to re enable auto billing.

To stop it dial *900#, then 4, then 2. I’ve already disabled mine in the images below.

ecosure01 ecosure02



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